Role Play Points

It can be hard for Players to really immerse themselves in a world other than their own, to think like they’re their character and to not take things personally when things don’t go their way (even, gasp, to lose on purpose!). When these things happen, or when we think a Player has RPed with some style, the Staff likes to reward the Player with Role Play (RP) Points.

Players can encourage other Players to develop good RP, too, by recommending them for RP Points. All you need to do is log an incident where Players were RPing well, send it in to Staff, and we’ll review it and dole out points accordingly. Not only that, but Players who spot good RP and recommend it will gain an RP point for themselves.

Players cannot share RP Points amongst themselves, so even if your friend is one point shy of an item they really want, you cannot donate or loan any points you may have to your friend.

There are no limits to the amount of RP Points you can acquire, and you are not obligated to use them on the character you obtained them on. If you would rather save up all your points to spend on your next character, be our guest.

RP Points are linked to your Player Account and can be redeemed in game for a number of rewards. A list of those rewards along with their RP Points cost is listed below:

1 Point: Help Start a Clan
5 Points: 50 Pieces of Gold
10 Points: Restring a Pet
15 Points: Open Your Own Shop
20 Points: Unlock the Restring Ability as a Master Craftsman
25 Points: Raise One Stat by 1 Point
50 Points: Have a Custom House Built for You In-Game

Players should keep in mind that Valindir also tracks their Cumulative RP Points (CRPP), which means it is the sum of all the RP Points they have earned on their Player Account. Amassing a certain amount of Cumulative RP Points ensures that you unlock certain perks to playing Valindir (without having to spend any RP Points to do so). These perks are listed below:

20 CRPP earned: unlocks a second character slot
50 CRPP earned: unlocks a third character slot
150 CRPP earned: auto-approval of character applications


Posted October 27, 2012 by Evoru

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