Enjoying popularity in gardens since the time of the gods, all roses are said to be remnants of Yarowe, goddess of beauty. Elvish legend has it that Yarowe was picking wildflowers in a meadow one day when she accidentally took hold of a thorn bush. When droplets of her blood fell on the bush, it was miraculously transformed from a ugly shrub into what some have called “the queen of flowers,” for Yarowe’s beauty was so great that it transformed everything it touched.

Over the years, roses have been bred to grow in just about every color, with one notable exception: a blue rose. Gardeners have been trying for centuries, in vain, to produce a blue rose, but even the addition of magical ingredients has failed to produce one. Countless nobles have offered hefty rewards for anyone lucky enough to breed such a flower, meaning some have turned this pursuit into their life’s work.


Posted May 7, 2017 by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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