Known also as “ghostbane”, “breath of heaven”, “torrabur” and “daemonbrush”, sage is a woody plant that tends to grow dry, sunny places. This is not a plant that does well in cold or wet areas, as several temples in Dwarven and Daphinae lands that have attempted to cultivate this herb have found. Still, when growing conditions are right, sage can form hardy clumps which are quick to spread. Several varieties are used as ground-cover around southern temples. These temples will periodically burn the sage bushes, both to encourage new growth and to ward the temple grounds against frightful spirits.

Sage also enjoys use as a culinary herb, and is frequently found at markets all across Valindir. Several dishes make extensive use of it, so it has become a rather popular plant to keep in home gardens. There is an old tradition amongst farmers’ wives to give their children a gift of garden herbs when they are leaving to start their own homes, and sage is always amongst the plants given.


Posted May 7, 2017 by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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