Samuel Butler

Samuel Butler

Samuel “Vasklevox” Butler was the first Tester Valindir ever had, way back in the days before we had half our lore or even Owners.

Kind, compassionate, and always willing to listen, Sam would stay up half the night and the next day sharing his thoughts on how the game could be improved, why life was the way it was, and why he thought you were a fantastic person to talk to. Sam didn’t judge, never complained, and always made you feel like you were worth more than you thought you were.

Lost to the waters of Alaska, Sam was only twenty-four years of age. He will remain that age long after we have withered and faded. Here, he is immortal, both in our game and in our memories of him.


In his honor, a piece of lore was written for him and included into the game he so longed to play. You can read it here and is considered cannon in the game: The Legend of Captain Vasklevox


Posted January 18, 2013 by Evoru

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