Sex in Valindir

Let’s talk about sex. Mudsex is defined as being when characters engage in in-character sexual relations with one another. We here on Valindir do not ban such activities (quite the contrary) as they can enrich storylines when properly utilized. On the other hand, please do not feel obligated to engage in any type of mudsex if you do not wish. We as Staff will not think less of you if your characters choose not to participate in sexual relations at all and you prefer a different type of story. However, if you do choose to engage in mudsex, we ask that you follow these rules and guidelines.

There are several different ways to engage in mudsex. Some people prefer to emote the entire act out while others are uncomfortable with such activities. For those players that are uncomfortable with explicit emotes there is what is referred to as “fade to black.” In place of lengthy emotes, simply type in place of an emote “fades to black” and we will regard it as replacing the entirety of any sexual act the player is uncomfortable performing. We recommend players ask the other participants which they prefer before engaging in any sexual activities. Staff is not partial or biased against emoting out such an act and understands that some players prefer to do so. These players will not be punished simply on the basis of emoted mudsex.

Please keep in mind this is an adult-themed mud and that mudsex will be on the game, but this does not mean in any way you MUST be a part of it. Plenty of wonderful players have never engaged in mudsex and still have great RP and exciting storylines.

Know your race and their sexual fertility. This pertains mostly to the Daphinae who are constructed so that when they engage in sex with another Daphinae, the female will become pregnant EVERY TIME. Staff will watch these kinds of things and if your characters are engaging in frequent mudsex with someone of the opposite sex and of your same race, there is the possibly that the Staff will set you (or your partner) as pregnant without asking. Surprise pregnancies are fair game, but you can also request that your character become pregnant if you so choose.

Let it be clear there will be NO pedophilia in Valindir either in character or out of character. If a player or character begins to look for under-age characters or players for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity they will be swiftly banned. There are no exceptions to this rule at all. If we find out it’s been going on out of character, you will be reported to the authorities. This is not a joke, and we take this sort of thing very seriously.

Inter-racial sex is allowed but will not produce any children since Valindir does not have any half-breed races. Be warned, there may be a stigma attached to certain races intermingling (such as a Lithorian and Elf, or a Centaur and Human) because of the vast difference in their appearance and size. It’s not against the rules, but there may be in-character ramifications for such activities. The same may be said of any form of bestiality acted out in the game, and characters may find themselves exiled from cities or worse by the other characters.

Rape storylines have a very strict set of guidelines. While it is not against the rules, any and every player must follow a few steps to engage in any kind of in-character rape or will be denied or even banned if they refuse to follow the rules. Each character that will be engaged in the act will have to submit a note through the game to the Staff. The form is as follows:

I, wish to submit a formal request to engage in a rape storyline with . I understand that this is only a request and may be turned down by Staff for any reason and that I must abide by that decision. If I choose to go outside the rules or decision, I understand that I may be denied or banned for my actions. I understand that consent will not be given unless all characters involved submit a request as well. I understand that it may take some time to arrive at an answer and will be patient while the Staff decides on this request.

The Staff as a whole will decide if the players will be allowed to engage in a rape storyline and the decision is final. Let it be understood that this even includes rape storylines that are done as fade to black. If we find a character trying to rape unwilling participants, it will be taken as a serious offence and the player will be immediately banned without the possibility of ever being able to return.

If you as a player feel you are being harassed by another player, please don’t be afraid to speak up. If a player is coming to you with unwanted sexual advances and you have told them that you do not wish to engage in such an act with any of their characters, inform a member of Staff immediately. We will deal with the situation quickly and swiftly with the appropriate punishment. Valindir Staff will not tolerate harassing other players in any manner and the punishment may even be permanent banning from the game. This even includes things as harassing others over messaging clients, and if someone can provide a log of such harassment, the Staff will take that into account (so make sure to save conversations you have even on something like MSN or AIM). We do ask that you as the players use a bit of discretion when handing out personal information to other players, even things as innocent as a messaging screen name.

We hope this has given you a clearer picture of sex on Valindir, but if you have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact the Staff with your questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to answer them as quickly as we can.


Posted March 12, 2012 by Evoru

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