Sharing Characters

Whether with a friend or relative, Staff member or love interest, sharing characters is illegal on Valindir. There are appropriate ways to give up your character, and these do not include giving someone else your password so they can log in for you while you’re away, letting someone play your character to see if they “like” it, or having someone “better” at doing something temporarily playing your character for you.

Please refer to the file ROSTER CHARACTERS if you no longer wish to play your character, and always, always let Staff members know what’s going on.

Players who have been found to be logging on to characters that did not belong to them, or characters who are being played by someone who has not registered with the game or been Staff approved, will be deleted or removed from the Player. Players may also be banned from the game and ineligible to create a new character.

If you are going to be unable to log into Valindir for an extended period of time and fear that role play or your character may suffer, please refer to the file PUTTING YOUR CHARACTER IN STORAGE and contact a Staff member to see what we can do to help you.


Posted October 27, 2012 by Evoru

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