Shasienta, God of Deception

Shasienta was the eldest of Magic’s children and he took pride in the fun trickery that his son often entangled himself in. The God of Deception often found himself in the company of the other immortals until they cast him away, and then the mortal race became his fascination and eventually. his obsession. While he never made a known race of his own, he loved how they lied to one another to gain the upper hand and how joyous they could be when playing tricks on one another. He often disguised himself as one of them and started bickering among people, but nothing that ever caused too much trouble or damage. When Al’Drenra broke out, Shasienta saw the interesting ways that the mortals were slaying each other, and became appalled when his sister, Imala, wanted her creations to stay out of it. He managed to trick Faelcor into thinking that the Goddess of Fate was spying on her, and drew even more people into the fighting for his own amusement.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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