Hidden beneath the crystal clear waters of Ponti Lake is the metropolis known as Sinola. This glistening city is home to the Senai and literally means “the flower among the weeds” in the ancient tongue of the gods. To see the city and where it’s located is understand why it was dubbed with this intriguing name. Along the surface of the lake, the waters look clear and serene, but the deeper parts of massive body of water are murky and riddled with tangled messes of submerged trees, debris and plant life. It is along the shadowy bottom of the lake that Sinola emerges, protected from the muck and grime by a magical barrier. The dirt and mud that swirls through the water is filtered out; leaving only clean, pure water within the sprawling town. It was their creator, Louvenia, who crafted this spell and protected her children by hiding them away, and they have used it ever since. Because they lack the understanding of how the barrier works, their city has expanded upwards, as they reached the boarders of the protected zone long ago.

The city itself looks like spires springing up from ground, connected by walkways and roads that intertwine the bustling city. While some take to the waters and swim freely about throughout the sprawling landscape, most try and stay orderly, using the pathways the government commissioned to keep order and avoid accidents. At the heart of the city is a monument that also acts as somewhat of a graveyard for the Senai. While their bodies may be committed to the tumbling rapids, many erect a shrine to their lost loved ones within the twisting maze of corridors. Paying tribute and respect to ones ancestors is something each and every Senai values, and that is why they placed such a landmark right in the center of their city: it is always close to everyone, no matter where they are within the expansive town.

The Guild of the Arts has made Sinola one of its patron locations and has found great success among the Senai. Not only have they built an enormous museum there, but have found that several citizens and even the government have come to them for consultations on how to make their city more aesthetically pleasing. This has led to a spike in artists traveling there to bring a fresh new style to the city, and the Senai have been fascinated by this, welcoming the visitors to show off their work. The Guild of the Faithful has also found the Senai are open to their way of life, and they are not given sideways glances when their oracles make predictions. They too have built a rather large guildhall within the glistening city.

One of the largest chapters of the Path of the Enlightened is housed within Sinola, as the Senai are more tolerant than others of divergent religions. While most are not followers of the religion, the churches are still filled to the brim, as the Senai are fascinated by their teachings and accomplishments, even if they find some of their beliefs flawed.

Something that has drawn the ire of those outside of Sinola is their expansive library. The Senai firmly believe that no knowledge is inherently evil or dangerous, and so any piece of literature is permitted within the library. In fact, they have often gone to great lengths to purchase and preserve books from other cultures, even ones that were outlawed or slated to be burned. Their library is said to house more literature, history, documents and any other written material than anywhere else, but many outside cultures regard their library as full of filth and lies. While many scholars used to journey there in the past, they discovered they faced hardships, prejudice and even exile from their cities for even entering the Library of Sinola, let alone studying there. Because of this, it’s rare to see anyone but the Senai frequenting the building, and even fewer that will speak of it in polite company.


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