The landscape of this northern country has remained largely untouched by civilization, as the peoples who dwell there live within the clouds and beneath the ground. The Alubrans have taken to the skies and built their city of Lomaisa high above the tallest peak of the Khabren Mountains. Talei, the capital of the Mithyrn, lies deep in the underground caverns where they have dwelled since their birth into the world. Both of these peoples live in harmony with the lands about them, and have protected the wilderness from poachers and deforestation.

The expansive landscape of Soluma is covered in gigantic redwoods and lofty pines that look as though they could touch the stars. It is believed that some of these trees survived Al’Drenra and are the original trees that were created by the Elements, before the birth of the gods. Because of the rich history of forest and the wildlife that dwells there, the Alubra have forbidden any hunting or removing of trees by anyone without direct permission from their council. They do harvest life-giving herbs from the land where they distribute it to the needy from Lomaisa, but few venture into the woods alone. It is known to house some of the more dangerous wild animals, as no one is permitted to kill them unless they become a danger to the outside world.

Craggy peaks also dot the northern edge of the country as the Khabren Mountains snake through their area. These too are protected from being mined and stripped of their natural resources, much like the woods that lie to the south. Deep underground are the winding tunnel systems that are home to the Mithyrn and wind not only under the mountains, but deep below the soil of dense woodlands. It is estimated these tunnels, which have not been fully explored, extend into the surrounding countries as well.

Major Cities:


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