Sophita Myran

Age: 130
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 130 stones
Hair Color: Naturally Blonde (Often dyes it for her various roles)
Eye Color: Violet with orange starbursts about the iris
Place of Birth: Enaryn
Current Home: Danzibar


Sophita Myran is currently the star actress of the Danzibar Theater Company in both comedies and tragedies. At only a hundred and thirty, this Elven woman has made her home within the city and performs the lead female role in most of the plays, at least the ones she chooses to partake in. She has prided herself on her unrivaled beauty and taps into a unique talent of drawing the audience into the world of play.

Early Life

Sophita was born to a middle class family in Enaryn and lived there until she was a young toddler when her father took a job in the merchant’s guild which took him and his family to Danzibar. While her elder sister, Retrina, stayed behind with her husband, she and her brother, Yenawye, sailed across the seas with their parents. When they arrived there, her father had already set them up a house, as he would be travelling for much of her young life. Her brother was old enough that he could leave the house and got a job at the local museum as one of the caretakers, leaving her alone all day with her mother.

While they may have been living in a primarily Human city, her mother insisted on teaching her the arts and culture of the Elves. Though she tried dabbling in painting and playing the harp, it was acting and singing that Sophita excelled at and practiced each and every day. When her father returned home, he would bring books of plays for his growing daughter, who dedicated each line to memory, even the male parts. Each time a new play showed in the local theater, Sophita insisted that she go, even without her mother, so her elder brother would often accompany her, begrudgingly so at times.

When Sophita had her coming of age party when she would officially be an adult, it is then that she took the name that all know her by now. What she called herself before is still a mystery, as her parents have moved back to Enaryn, leaving her the house, and her brother has married and vowed secrecy, most likely in fear of upsetting his sister. The day after her party she marched into the Master of Revels’ office and offered her services as an actress. Skeptical, he handed her a part and asked her to act it out on stage with one of the actors that was roaming around. She already had the piece memorized and portrayed a death scene so moving it brought the whole cast to tears. From that day on she has starred in lead roles and has been called the Jewel of Danzibar by her admirers.


While some marvel at the depth of emotion she displays upon the stage, most find her company a bit off-putting at times, as she is not shy to share her intellect and comment on others. She tends to be a very serious young woman and doesn’t tarry much in frivolous company, but those who are close to her know that she is actually a demure, charming woman. While she may have been raised in Danzibar, no one who meets her could really tell, as she has had a Elvish upbringing and is often welcomed in Enaryn.

She tends to know what she wants and goes after it with an intense passion and dedication. This has often garnered her a ruthless impression by others, but Sophita has never really cared what others have thought, at least not about her off stage. She has often been known to be charitable with any extra money she has, making large donations to the museum, theater and temple in Danzibar. That is not to say she doesn’t spend the money that she makes, as she has been known to have an extensive wardrobe, most of which were imported from designers in Enaryn, including some crafted by her sister. She also loves lavish jewelry and is often adorned in at least a necklace and earrings at all times.


Her father, Franeyan Myran, and her mother, Ducheska Myran, live in Enaryn as prosperous merchants along with her elder sister, Retrina Vortianna. Retrina married when she was young to an expert craftsman, Talaylien, whom Sophita adores and thinks is a perfect match for her sibling. Both often send her their work, as her sister is a seamstress and her brother-in-law is a jeweler. They currently have two children, her nieces, Tralenta and Obskyia. She has only one other sibling, her elder brother Yenawye Myran, and his wife, Opellia. They live in Danzibar as well, and Yenawye has been left to make sure his sister is well taken care of, a fact that Sophita accepts, but with much protest to her parents.

Marriage & Children

Currently, Sophita is not married or even involved with anyone, at least none that are publically known. It has caused quite a scandal for some, as she has been seen on the arm of powerful merchants and even members of the Sapphire Council. While some speculate on what she may be doing, she has made it clear that she has no interest in settling down with anyone at this point in her life. That has not stopped several suitors from pouring into the city to try and win the heart of the Jewel of Danzibar and showering her with presents. While she graciously accepts all gifts both big and small from anyone who appreciates her work, none of them so far have been able to draw her away from the theater. She has no children of her own, as they would be yet another distraction, but does have two nieces that she dotes upon. She often sends gifts and trinkets to them, and visits them in the Elven city as often as she can.


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