Brodgeir – The Element of Stone

Totem: Ram
Number: 4
Colors: Grey and White

The followers of Stone are said to be as stout of heart and soul as the mountains that tower over the realm. Stone is known as a great protector of the world and those in his following often find themselves in the same position. Whether they are soldiers, politicians, guards or anything else, they often find themselves shielding those they find weaker, whether the other party agrees to it or not. Most care little for money and wealth, but some have amassed fortunes simply doing what they feel Stone would want in the world, as some have taken up jobs as mercenaries and bounty hunters. While Stone does not indulge mass slaughter, there is no shame in taking of another’s life if they have forced your hand, as he sees it as their choice to die, and his followers are merely obliging that decision. Even in a battle of wits and words, Stones followers are eloquent and decisive, often making shrew and effective leaders.

Greed and selfishness are abhorrent in the eyes of Brodgeir, which has led many to falsely assume that there is no pleasure to be had in this following. Nothing could be farther from the truth as Stone encourages people to experience the daily joys and to share in them with others. It is when someone becomes self-serving and cares only about his happiness that Stone begins to take offence with such behavior. Law and maintaining order is crucial to Stone, but this does not always mean that his followers obey the rules wherever they are. If one believes a law to be corrupt or improper, it is their responsibility to set it right, whether that is trying to change the laws themselves, or simply circumventing them. This does not, however, mean that those within Stone are chaotic anarchists who violate whichever rules suit them best. It is when a law is unjust and goes against what is right that those in Stone will take action, otherwise they tend to be orderly and follow direction. To be out of control is possibility one of the worst things to Stone, and most of these followers keep a strong check on their emotions, making sure each choice they make is logical and sound.

Those with an excess Stone are very stubborn and tend to be stoic, most often keeping to themselves and not mingling among others. On the reverse end, those that lack in stone often tend to be weak of mind and soul, easily swayed by the opinions of others or changing trends. Most in Stone tend to be wary of trusting others, an honor that must be earned and is not given freely, which tends to portray much of the following as cold and unfeeling. They take the opinions of others lightly and tend not to care what the public might think of them, as the fruitless talk generally accomplishes nothing. To be idle is to stray, so most in Brodgeir’s following have something to occupy their time that they enjoy doing that also serves a purpose within the world, as decadent and frivolous things are seen as useless.


Brooding and stern, most people, even the other Elements, can find Brodgeir off-putting at times, but most just misunderstand his personality. He tends to be serious and focused, allowing little time for idle chatter or nonsense. This is not to say he is not caring, as nothing can be farther from the truth. He is said to protect the world should a force ever surface that Valindir could not handle is found, and sees the mortals as entities that need protection. Avalanches and mudslides have been known to mysteriously stop advancing armies so that entire towns had time to empty and escape before the wars unleashed death upon their lands.

Mostly, Brodgeir does not mingle with mortals as he sees that as illogical and foolish, but he has been known to wander in the form of a dwarf from time to time when the situation calls for it. Otherwise, much of his time is dedicated to his hobby of blacksmithing, and is said to have forged all the weapons that Elements keep at their side. It was also Stone who forged the coffins that the bodies of the fallen gods were placed in so that no mortal could ever open them and lay witness to what they once were.

Aurix – Aurix and Brodgeir are not two that are often found in one another’s company. Brodgeir respects Aurix to a point, but detests the frivolous competitions that Wood tries to get him to participate in.

Belimedra – Brodgeir holds a special place in his heart for the Element of Earth. While he may tire at times of her calling him “pipta” he does tolerate it as he sees Belimedra as too kind for her own good and in need of protection. She is one of the only members of the Elements that can calm Brodgeir when he becomes angry or stubborn.

Ri’ – Brodgeir finds Air far too decadent and unfocused and thusly holds little respect for her. He does appreciate that he enjoys learning new things, but finds that he is too shifting in his views from day to day, and thusly does not spend much time with Ri’.

Evoru – Evoru is one that Brodgeir purposely avoids, as the two tend to disagree. He respects her bold heart and steadfast nature, but finds her greedy and too cold when it comes to the lives of others.

Lamulae – Water and Stone are good friends and Brodgeir holds a deep respect for Lamulae. Other than that, the two are not often found together, since Lamulae finds him a bit too stubborn and stoic for her personal tastes, which doesn’t bother Brodgeir at all.

Udele – Stone often confides his frustrations in Spirit and looks to him for guidance when even he is lost and does not know the right path. He holds a deep respect for Udele’s insight and sees him as the most level headed of the Elements (at least next to himself).

Jeax – Brodgeir tires easily of Magic and finds him frustrating and childish. While Brodgeir has nothing against the practice of magic, he does find Jeax too careless and irresponsible with it, often telling him that he is setting a terrible example for the realm.

Rhesk – Stone and Fire do not often interact, as Brodgeir cannot stand how destructive Rhesk can become. Stone admires Fire’s passion for things, but detests that Rhesk does not use it for a more productive cause, and thusly cannot respect him.


Brodgeir has generally kept himself out of the affairs of mortals, at least with direct interactions with them, so little of him is known about the world. Most of the information that anyone had was passed on by another Element or by High Priests and Priestesses in his church. It is said that Brodgeir is always watching over the world, and will always do so, never allowing it to be brought to such chaos as it was during Al’Drenra.

It is said that when the Elements returned and beheld the destruction that had been wrought, it was Stone who recommended the solution of bestowing the souls of their immortal children onto his grandchildren. He made a fervent argument that the mortals had indeed proved that they were responsible and deserved the opportunity of a soul, while the gods had piddled theirs away and only deserved to be put down. Any Element that might have disagreed at first was convinced it was the right choice by the end of his discussion. While it was the other Elements that placed them into the slumber, it was Brodgeir who used his blacksmithing tools to carefully dismember each soul so that all the mortals in the realm may never go again without life and a future. It is said he was so meticulous that he wept and was shamed when the first Aspect surfaced, seeing it as a failure on his part for not achieving perfection. It was also Stone who buried the bodies of the gods so that no mortal may ever lay eyes on their forms.


The Order of Quartz – Those that dedicate their lives to the Order of Quartz are said to be some of the craftiest thieves, but also some of the most brazen, but most in this following would not see it as stealing. This church has dedicated itself to helping the poor who are resolute enough to help themselves. They bring in those destitute and without anything and teach them some manner of skill, whether it is craftsmanship, fighting or something that they can provide a living for themselves and their family. They also provide them with coin, clothes, food and shelter, as well as any other necessities that they might have. Where they procure this money is another matter entirely, as those in its ranks tend to take from those with an excess and give to those which have none. They do not blindly take from anyone with wealth, but only those who they feel have been greedy and self-serving with their coin, and thusly do not deserve to have it any longer.

Most common people never know who is and is not a member of this church, as they often disguise themselves and are masters at blending in with their surroundings. When a member of their church passes away, a carefully carved bit of quartz that looks like a pyramid is often left with the body, and many have been shocked to see it on politicians of high prominence or wealthy land owners that donated to the cause. While no one knows where the church is centered, none doubt that it exists, and no one joins without an invitation from the priests, as no one really would know who to ask. It is said that actions will speak louder than any oath one might take to a church, and if you are worthy and patient, the following will find you.

The Order of Granite – The following of this church are filled with some of the most skilled fighters the realm has ever seen. Their temples are dedicated to teaching newcomers the art of proper fighting and the practical uses of such a responsibility. Most that begin training there never actually finish, as it is a slow process that requires much patience and concentration. A common saying among the church is that “Any one may hold a sword, but it is a wise person who knows how to stay it.” Granite followers often refrain from fighting unless it is the last option, but hone their skills only to protect the innocence that cannot protect itself. When not embroiled in battle, this sect of Stone often stays secluded and out of civilization, building their temples to be self-sufficient with farms and animals to provide food for the members.

While most know the church for their precise and efficient fighting, there is actually much more to their practice of their faith. They also spend time mediating in deep thought or in discussion among themselves, as a trained mind is just as important to them as a sharp blade. They generally spend most of their time training both body and mind by balancing upon thin stumps of wood and reciting poems, songs or even entire books as the others listen. They have a great heritage of oral tradition that remains precise so much so that the same stories have circulated almost word for word for hundreds of years within the church.

The Order of Obsidian – Politicians and leaders fill the ranks of this church that has temples dotted all over the realm. They are dedicated to changing the unjust laws that fill the governments all over the realms and provide new ones that allow everyone to live in harmony without the need for violence. They often pour over books and writings, making impassioned arguments to leaders that their people are suffering and that the mantle has fallen to them to help. They are often incredibly articulate, able to talk their way out of fights and even into the good graces of those who once wished them harm. They accept a life of non-violence, understanding that it may endanger their own life, and some have even been slain in cold blood, dying without ever drawing a weapon. For this reason, followers of the Order of Granite will accompany a travelling member to make sure that they come to no harm while on their peaceful missions.

Some of the most desired political advisors, at least by the people, are those within this following, but the church itself has dealt with its share of hardships from leaders. Some of the temples have even been barred from being erected in certain cities, being cited as causing discord among its citizens and undermining the ruling body. Most of this has been discovered to corruption on the side of the leader, but the church has still risked their lives to try and restore honor and peace to these tainted areas. While most see this following as an overall good and wanted, a few of the members of the sect have passed controversial laws protecting the rights of criminals and other such things, stating that all, no matter how evil or vile the common man may find it, all deserve rights as mortals.


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