Swienya, Goddess of Joy

Born shortly after her sister, Yarowe, this daughter of Air could not have been more different from her elder sibling. When the Goddess of Beauty looked upon the form of her newly crafted sister, she simply chuckled and asked her father why he would make something so inferior and left to go tend to her affairs. Swienya didn’t seem fazed at all by her Yarowe’s words, and simply smiled at her father and looked out over the world. She was fascinated by what she saw as the other gods and goddesses were formed and would often visit each one of them as they were shaped. When the Elements left and the mortal races began to spring up, Swienya began to tarry among them, as she was shocked and amazed that such simple creatures could experience such joy. She dedicated her life to giving people joy in all things, but when Al’Drenra broke out, she could find no happiness in watching people slaughter one another in the name of petty squabbles among the immortals. The only joy she could find was with Topi and how she was shielding these people from the wrath of the other gods and goddesses. Piqou eventually joined the two and they managed to protect several races from extinction at the hands of the battle.

After the Elements return, Swienya was spared from being placed in the same slumber as the other gods and goddesses. Instead, along with Piqou and Topi, she was stripped of her powers, but her soul remained intact and she was placed in the second child that was born after Al’Drenra. She still remains among the mortals to this day, being reincarnated like any other person and she still loves bringing joy to all the people around her. A church has sprung up that seeks her out when her current incarnation is identified and follows her in her journey about the world, spreading happiness wherever they can.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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