Buried deep underground through a winding series of tunnels is the hidden oasis of Talei. While the cramped caverns that lead to the city are damp and stuffy, the city itself is the exact opposite and bustles with life. For generations the Mithyrn has called this place home and the world was unaware of their existence beneath their feet. Because of their seclusion, their culture and architecture developed independently of trends and fads throughout the years, and their capital is considered one of the most unique and intriguing cities in Valindir.

To journey to Talei takes a guide or at least an excellent sense of direction since the winding tunnels around the metropolis twist and curve for miles without ever passing through the city. The Mithyrn can navigate them easily, but travelers often find themselves lost a few times before arriving to the grand archways before the entrance to the city. The stone arches have been carved with talismans in both Sylvan and the ancient language of the gods and shimmer veins of natural gemstones. A common misconception is that this is simply an ornate gateway only for aesthetic beauty, but they are actually an integral part of the city’s protection. With just a simple incantation the magic stones and spells inlaid in the rock activate and sparkling shields envelop the only way in or out of Talei, protecting its inhabitants from harm.

The natural beauty of the caves has been preserved and the Mithyrn have built around the wonders that were already within their home. One of the most stunning sights is the cascading waterfall that showers down from high in the ceiling and empties into the river that slices the city in half. This powerful current is drawn into underground jetties that eventually make their way to the ocean, but those passages are as tangled as the dry ones that lead into the city. Jutting out from the smooth, stone walls are intricate, sparkling clusters of crystals. These magical gems actually provide the light source for the city as well as add to the enchanting feeling for which Talei is known. The entire Mithyrn territory is not this unspoiled however, and some of the walkways lead towards the mines where they procure their gemstones and precious metals. It is these mines that have lead to the Mithyrn becoming a wealthy race, as their jewelry has become a coveted item all over the world.

Because of their handiwork with gems, the Jewelers Guild has opened a grand chapterhouse in Talei and found the Mithyrn are quite accepting to their presence. They were shocked by how quickly the building itself was constructed because of the Mithyrn’s mix of magic and stone that forms what someone might consider rubble into usable material. The pebbles are fused into rock bricks and are then placed to form the walls but without the need for mortar. They are then solidified into one, continuous building bound through magic and inlaid with veins of magnificent crystals and swirling patterns of metals. This is how the entirety of the metropolis is constructed, with buildings and homes jutting out from the sides of the caverns and along the smooth streets they have built.

The Guild of the Faithful has rather large guild hall in Talei and they find that the Mithyrn are natural oracles and embrace their way of life. It was the first of any outside guild to establish itself within the walls of the town, but it was not the last. The youngest of the guilds is a chapter of the Emerald Courtesan House that has enjoyed quite a bit of prosperity since opening its doors to the Mithyrn. They often find married couples come not to find a new companion, but for guidance on how to infuse their own relationship with a bit of unique magic. In either case, the courtesans there have been incredibly patient and the city has embraced their views, even if it was a tentative relationship at first.


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