The Assassins Guild

Lurking within the shadows of the realm is the Assassin’s Guild that dwells within the hidden places of Valindir. There is no denying that this guild exists, as they often leave calling cards on the doors of their intended targets. While some see this as monstrous, others justify it as allowing the soon to be departed the chance to arrange their affairs before their end. Their sign is to leave a single white feather that has been dipped in blood along the edges, either at the targets home, or somewhere only they would find it. It’s even been slipped into backpacks and coin purses without the intended knowing about until they opened their satchel to find it inside. The legend is that this started so that they could pen their last will and testament; leaving nothing unfinished in their current life.

Few have ever escaped the grasp of the assassins once they have been marked, but it has happened before. No one knows exactly how, but a handful of lucky souls were sparred, and rumors swirl that the assassins let them know they were no longer in danger by leaving a dove’s feather that had been dipped in black ink along the edges, signifying that the death of another has paid for their debt.

Rewards are offered by many governments and even individuals for information on this guild or even a single member, which has often led to very public executions. Despite this, the guild has flourished, and targets still appear from time to time, although not often enough to cause a panic. No one is exactly sure how they are hired, as their secrecy is nearly absolute, but it is said that adorn your doorway in white feathers is to invite them in, but this is only speculation.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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