The Blacksmiths Guild

Gathering to hone their craft and teach those who are new to the art is the Blacksmiths Guild. Whether it be molding metal to form the perfect blade or create an intricate chandelier that glistens as bright as the sun, the guild takes pride in anything that any of its members create. Many have compared the guild to a type of school, with its leaders being some of the finest craftsmen across the realm that take on students from only within the guild. Their wares are coveted as some of the finest in Valindir and they are often sold to help fund the guild and its houses so that they can take on as many pupils that have the desire to manipulate raw metal into a functional work of art.

In the early years of the guild they only worked with weapons and armor, with black iron their medium of choice, forming the most intricate weapons and shields the world had ever seen. As years past and the lands settled into peace, the guild saw that there was far more to create that weapons of war and more metals to be worked with than simply those strong enough to withstand great force. It was then that they began working with metals that were once seen as simply that of jewelry. While they have not forgotten their roots with armor, weapons and shields, they have branched out into different types of metalworking over the years.

One of the traditions within the guild is to craft the crowns, specters and tiaras of royal families for all cultures across the world. From the King and Queen of the Elves, to the Sapphire Council or even into the depths of the sea with the Danava, all the noble families and governments have commissioned the Blacksmiths Guild to form their diadems and staffs. Their eldest members are sent to complete the task and form a short alliance with the Jewelers Guild to shape some of the most gorgeous and elegant pieces that eventually have ended up in museums or passed down as prized heirlooms.

Every year the guild hosts a competition among its members called the Breg’Fornyx, which literally translates into “burning furnace” in the ancient tongue. Anyone in the ranks of the Blacksmith Guild is free to participate, but outsiders may only watch and are invited to do so at the judging ceremony. The contest announced only a month in advance and can fall at any part of the year, depending on when the Guild Master chooses is the right time. Each person brings something they have made to be judged by a host of peers who are all previous winners. The only requirements are that it was crafted by that individual within the last month and is made of some sort of metal. Fine sets of perfectly balanced silverware, a gleaming helm and a brass statue of a robin have all been past winners in recent years.

Currently leading the guild is a dwarven man only known by his first name of Hereshtan. It is customary for any leader to drop his surname, as there were bickering and fights among nobility houses in the past that one sect would not take orders from another house. To ease this burden, they dropped the surnames of any of the leaders to avoid any conflict within the guild itself or give the impression that any one house was controlling the guild.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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