The Cooking Guild

Creating the finest cuisine and discovering new sources of food and spices is the Cooking Guild of Valindir. The chefs of this guild have dedicated their lives to making delicious foods for royalty and commoners alike, and welcome any and all into their guild to learn to bake, fry, grill and chop like any master. Many have mistaken their craft as frivolous and focused only on taste, but that is a gross misunderstanding of the guild and its purpose.

One of the sects of the guild focuses on food sources and works closely with farmers to find new ways to keep the soil fresh while keep production high. The guild actually discovered natural fertilizers that helped fruits and vegetables grow not only to be bigger, but to be juicier and more flavorful. They also showed farmers how to treat and care for their animals so that the meat would be tenderer and fetch a higher price at the market. Because of this, the farming community is made up of several members of the cooking guild and they normally procure many of their ingredients locally because of this alliance.

Another part of the guild is made up of travelers that journey all over the realm and find new sources of food and spices. These brave adventurers often go to the deep, uncharted places of the world and find unique foods that they study and find new ways to prepare. Some of these dishes are so rare that it can cost as much as a house to have one of the guild members prepare the meal, and often is it royalty and nobility that indulge in such pleasures and not the common man.

Much of the guild focuses on the preparation of food so that is achieves the perfect balance of texture and taste. Their young students often make mistakes, by either dicing to finely or leaving too many chunks in their food, so soup kitchens that feed the hungry and downtrodden often reap the rewards of their mistakes, as the guild will often donate excess food to the needy. Lopsided cakes or a bit overdone steaks that still taste good often grace the shelters and feed whoever doesn’t have enough coin to feed themselves.

There are no leaders of the guild, but there are rankings and specialties. The highest ranking is given the title Master Chef before their name, and must be addressed as such by other members of the guild unless given express permission by the person not to. All Master Chefs have gained an expertise over their craft and are the head teachers of the guild. Below the Master Chef is the ranking of Chef who has sufficiently mastered their craft but has not perfected it just yet. They are permitted to assist in the teaching of the new pupils alongside the Master Chefs. Anyone else in the guild is called an Apprentice Chef and is still in the learning stages of their art. Normally each chapter of the guild will have at least one or two Master Chefs, several Chefs and dozens of Apprentice Chefs.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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