The Creation of Valindir

In the beginning, there was Spirit, and it beheld the Void. All was quiet and still, and it sorrowed, for it was alone. Spirit cried out, and from the deep of the Void there was an answer. The Elements, the Nine, came together, and they were united. From their union they created Valindir. Earth made the planet fertile, and Water sustained it with the seas and the rains. Fire offered the sun from its being to warm the world, and Magic reflected it in the moons and stars. Air set the world to spinning and gave it winds to cool it, and Metal poured itself into Valindir to keep it strong. Wood quickened the world with plants and animals, and Spirit, no longer alone, breathed life into the first God.

The Elements came together once again, and they wondered at the new Immortal, their child. Though it was weaker than they, they loved it, and they knew joy at its return of their love. The Elements made more Gods, and they taught their children, so very fragile as they thought it, all that they knew. They gave their children Valindir, and left them to do as they willed.

The Gods, though they loved their parents the Elements, were envious of their powers, which were so much greater than their own. They conspired in secret to steal a portion of this power for themselves, and when the deed was done they made use of it to form mortals. The Gods were proud of their creations, but all too soon fell to bickering as to which race was superior. To settle the matter, they pressed their children into wars against one another, and death came to Valindir.

Death silenced the mortals, and when one fell they found that they could do nothing to make more. The Gods were irritated at this, but nothing could sway them from the need to prove their superiority to one another, and so it was that whole races disappeared from Valindir, never to be seen again.

A handful of mortals, the Martyrs, met together in secret atop Tir’Banon, the highest peak in Valindir. They sacrificed themselves there, and with their death called on the aid of the Elements, who had for so long left the Gods to do as they pleased. The Elements stood on Tir’Banon, and looked down on Valindir. They beheld the devastation that their children had wrought upon those they had created, and felt the pain of their grandchildren.

Reaching out their hands, the Elements took hold of the Gods, and placed them in a deep slumber. They broke their souls apart, and placed the fragments into their mortal descendants. With this gift the mortals were able to bear children of their own, and live on after death. In this manner, too, the Gods were allowed to live, slumbering forever within the souls of their children.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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