The Grove of Despair

Long hushed stories have circulated about the Element Belimedra and the depths of Her wrath throughout the years, but none are as shocking and disturbing as to what is said to have transpired in a hidden glade deep in the jungles of Hellios.

Ever since the destruction of the gods, Belimedra has carried a deep guilt in Her bosom for the loss of Her children’s life, and vowed never again to personally take the life of another. She instead took great joy in the care and nurture of surviving races of Valindir, which She affectionately considers like Her own children. Even closer to Her are members of Her own church, which would commonly come to visit Her in Her grove. No matter what the simple problem, Belimedra would always listen to Her closest of followers and comfort them as best She could.

One early morn a handful of Her most trusted followers burst into the grove, a few of them covered in wounds and scratches. They had been attacked by rouge bandits and all of their possessions have been stolen or burned to nothing but ashes. They began to lament to Belimedra as She tended to their wounds, claiming vengeance must be exacted for this atrocity. The Element just smiled as She tied the bandages “You have all escaped with your lives, and that is the important part. What they took were just trinkets; things you don’t need. They will eventually be punished if they continue on this path, but you should be grateful for what you have and that is each other.” She smiled a sincere smile and ruffled one of the men’s hair softly, but his face became cross and his eyes narrowed. “So you will do nothing! They took from us all our possessions and you will just sit by and allow this atrocity to happen to your own following!” His face became red as the others nodded their heads in agreement. He stood there, staring into the eyes of the Element.

Belimedra just frowned slightly “You do not understand, little one” She spoke in a soft voice “Material possessions are not important, life is. I will not take it from someone because of a squabble over something so petty.” Enraged the man picked up a large stick from the ground, but Belimedra just stood there, Her frown only growing deeper. “You care nothing for us!” He shouted as he heaved the stick “We should have known you can’t love, after you murdered your own children!” The stick struck Belimedra in the arm as She deflected it. A violent wind rustled through the area as the dirt flew to the air, consuming everything around it. “Murdered…. Murdered?!” the woman boomed “I destroyed my own children to allow your kind to live and this is the thanks I receive!” Her voice rung out with a mix of rage and pain as the following began to scatter into the trees.

One by one, the people’s feet began to become stuck in the sinking earth. They cried out, pleading with Belimedra not to kill them, and the element indeed heard their cries. Instead of ending their lives, their arms began to branch out and their bodies contorted until they took on the appearance of withering, gnarled trees. Within the bark, their souls still remained and have to this day. The grove has long since disappeared, and rumors circulate that it sank into the ground itself. It is said that She still tends to Her garden of despair, and still holds love in Her heart for those that betrayed Her. What their fate will be is uncertain, but never again has someone questioned Belimedra so defiantly without expecting some sort of retaliation.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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