The Guild of the Arts

Whether its paintings or poetry, the theater or statues, wherever art can be found, The Guild of the Arts is not far behind. This organization has dedicated itself to preserving the art that has already graced the realm as well as nurturing fresh, new artists and encouraging their talents. Many of their guildhalls are actually museums that showcase their member’s talents or libraries that house some of the greatest literature that has ever been penned. Droves of people flock to their buildings to learn from some of the greatest artists in Valindir in hopes that a spark of inspiration might drop upon them.

The Guild of the Arts frequently holds all types of competitions and contests as the leader of the guild sees fit. Whether it’s a portrait, a short story, a bard tale acted out with emotion, or a sculpture, the guild loves to allow their members and outsiders alike to participate. They normally give a month or so of notice and have the judging and revealing of the winner as a big gala event and showcase all of the entries there as a celebration of art and its creation. They also deal in pieces of art to help fund their guild, and it is considered a high honor to craft a work that brings income into the guild.

While all the guild halls are linked together, each has its own guild leader that oversees the guild business in that chapter. Other than that, there are no rankings in the guild, as young or old, experienced or novice, the Guild of the Arts firmly believes that anyone can be inspired to create something amazing. There are, however, very well known artists that do tend to take on pupils to teach the next generation their art form and where they draw their inspiration.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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