The Guild of the Faithful

The Guild of the Faithful has often been mistaken as a type of church, as their fierce dedication to the Elements is at the core of the gathering. While they are not aligned with any specific temple or Element, many of the members are priests and even high priests, but it is not a requirement for membership. They come together to further understand the Elements and their wishes, often becoming oracles that can channel the presence of one of them in times of need.

The guild houses have a specific ritual for communing with an element that is unique to this group and hasn’t been seen anywhere else in the realm. The guild has colored flames that eternally burn, one representing each Element, housed in their building. When the flame is set to burn in a basin on oil, it is said that the smoke that billows up is drawing the presence of the Element who is being called upon. To give the divine a vessel, a large stone statue that is set with natural crystal is always placed near the basin, some being as tall as man, and others towering above the room at nearly fifteen or twenty paces high. It is said that through the haze, the faceless statue will take on the visage of the Element and speak with the humble servant who has called upon them. While some have called this an elaborate hoax induced by hallucinogenic oils, there has been much credibility in what they have garnered from these sessions, including predicting great storms, times of famine and even war.

The guild is located in many corners of the world, and no city has ever dared to deny them access, as they are considered much like a temple and less like a guild. Nevertheless, they are a guild but there is no real leader among them. It is said that every soul has the ability to commune with the Elements, they only need the chance to do so. Because of this belief, each member is held in high esteem and no one is above another in rank. This does not mean all have the same task, and many will divide up the work to keep the guild houses running smoothly. When a new member joins they are often given a mentor to follow until they fully understand what the organization is about and what their duties are as a member.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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