The Ivy Throne

The Ivy Throne is the name given to the seat of power for the Elven country Enaryn, and is so called because of the depiction of twisting platinum and emerald ivy that stretches out across the seats of the King and Queen in Yarola’Sia. This ivy motif continues on the dais which the thrones are found upon, though this is said to be merely done in carvings in the marble stone instead of in expensive inlays.

The chairs were said to be commissioned by the first queen of the Elves, who sought to immortalize the ivy, symbol of Yarowe, so that her people would always remember from where they had come. This story is considered impolite and in poor taste to be told, however, as it smacks of god-worship, and instead the “correct” story touted by the royal family is that the ruling noble families, long ago, presented a portion of their wealth as a token of their loyalty, which was melted down and formed into the priceless seats.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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