The Ixsus

Savage and untamed, the Ixsus were once normal pixies that were horrifically mutilated by mortal hands. Belonging to no country or territory, they have become protectors of Belimedra and dwell with the Element. During the times of Al’Drenra, anything people could barter and sell for coin became a precious life source for many. While some sold themselves into servitude to others, there were mortals who committed terrible atrocities to make their living. The Ixsus was a small family group of pixies that befell such disgusting practices.

During the end of Al’Drenra, pixie wings became a valuable material for spells and could often be used for trading for food and clothing. It was this small tribe of pixies that lived on the outskirts of Hellios which befell such a fate. Men and women who had been working in to find food what is now Balinor trekked down and stumbled across the peaceful group of pixies. One of the women befriended the lead female and lured them to their destruction. She slyly fed them food and made it appear they were on a goodwill mission to help save some of the dying races of Valindir, but when they touched the ground where the food was set, their tiny hands and knees stuck to its surface. The group proceeded to mash their entire bodies to the sticky substance until they were unable to budge and began to cut away each of the pixies’ delicate wings. Bloodcurdling screams echoed through the trees and the pixies begged for mercy. The Humans only met them with harsh laughter as they sliced the last few sets of wings and departed into the forest. Hours seemed like years as the mangled bodies were still stuck to the earth, until the skies poured down rain and dissolved away their bonds. The tiny group, now without their wings, carefully tried to help each other up, but some had already passed away and were left where they lay.

The group of about seventy survivors stumbled back home, only to realize that without their wings, they could no longer reaches their houses. Huddled together beneath their tree, they tried to console one another until all managed to sleep. Days passed and they still could not find food without the aid of their wings until they stumbled upon the carcass of a dead rabbit. At first, the pixies were repulsed at the idea of eating such flesh, but soon hunger overcame them and they tore into the corpse, feasting on anything they could pull from its bones. They soon only feasted on meat alone, either dead or something small and easy to hunt. Years drew on and the pixies became more and more savage, even losing the ability to speak common languages and communicating solely through purrs, growls and grunts. Only one had retained the ability to speak; the pixie who had led her people to such a fate, Lynaria. The guilt ate away at her each day as she watched her friends and family struggle to stay alive.

When the Elements returned to the realm, Belimedra discovered the small, huddling mass of pixies and Her heart broke as She looked upon their dirty, battered bodies and the scars from where their wings had once been. The lead pixie carefully approached Belimedra, only to fall and huddle at Her feet, begging the Element to spare her family and take her life instead. Shocked, Belimedra scooped up the tiny pixie in Her hands with a look of compassion in Her eyes and asked why she would think such a thing. The tiny pixie then related their story and how they had lost even more along the way to disease, famine and sacrifices to gods so that only a handful of females remained. Sadness overcame Belimedra as She listened and gazed upon the forms of the tiny creatures. She vowed She could never let something like this befall them again and took the tribe with Her to Her secret glade.

In the safety of Her home, Belimedra gave the pixies wings like bats so that no mortal would have need or want to cut them from their backs again. She combed and softened their matted hair, turning it a brilliant violet that shimmered in the light. She turned their dirty, rough skin to a soft, milky white and formed them tiny dresses made from the finest of black silk. Although still unable to speak, the tiny creatures clapped and admired their new reflections in a pool of water. The lead female approached Belimedra and hugged Her with tiny arms exclaiming “Thank you…Mother.” From that point on, the creatures were referred to as the Ixsus and have remained loyal to Belimedra, seeing Her as their mother. It is said that these creatures will appear when Belimedra’s temper is ignited, as their thirst for flesh and revenge still writhes within their souls.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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