The Jewelers Guild

Working with the finest metals and most precious gems and stones is the Jewelers Guild. Where there were once simply raw materials and uncut rocks, the guild can turn them into prized necklaces, rings, diadems and bracelets. Each member of the guild is trained, at least marginally, in every step of creating a piece of jewelry so that they have a full appreciation for the finished product.

The first step is to take young apprentices to the market and have them inspect raw metals and uncut stones. They will spend weeks studying on how to identify what raw metals will produce what types of shine and how to tell flawed uncut stones from perfect ones from merely picking them up. From there, they will learn to melt and craft the metals into basic shapes and form gems into simple cuts. After they have gained a mastery over that, they start crafting actual jewelry, doing at least one completed necklace, ring, and bracelet. Once this stage of their training is finished, they can choose a specialty or continue seeing their work through from start to finish.

A recent tradition among the guild is to form a short alliance with the Blacksmith Guild to aid in the creation of the crowns and scepters of royalty and governments when they first take their place in the ruling body. From all over the realm, these families and elected officials commission their unique piece or pieces to be made and the two guilds set to their craft. After this piece is made, the treaty between the guilds is over and the two go back to their normal crafts. It is customary for the noble houses of the world to have much of their everyday jewelry to be made by some of the most prized designers and crafters in this guild.

Currently leading the guild in a Danava man by the name of Shoqen Miqual, who has opened up the trade with undersea pearl miners and brought new and vivid colors of deep sea gems to the rest of the world. He has also perfected the art of molding metals at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of burns and serious injuries to the jewelers.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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