The Mages Guild

Dedicating their lives to the arcane arts and its uses is Valindir’s Mages Guild. The guild understands the potential dangers of the misuse of magic and was originally formed to make sure that young students were being properly trained and disciplined in a safe and secure environment, both for the students and others around them. Today, they still carry on this tradition and have branched out to study and understand exactly how magic works and its uses in history. From playful sparks to powerful torrents of wind or rain, the mages guild studies to understand all the arcane arts has to offer. They have places set up all over the realm, far from civilization, where their students can experiment with their powers without placing others in unneeded danger. Where these training academies lie is unknown, as the guild guards the secret carefully so that no unwanted travelers can venture in and get themselves injured or killed.

The first mages that formed the guild lived shortly after the Al’Drenra had ended. They looked across the world and saw what their powers had wrought upon Valindir and fell into despair. Many simply gave up ever using their gift again, for fear of what further damage it could unleash upon the realm. Those that saw a use for magic when it was used responsibility formed the guild to properly understand their own powers and keep one another accountable. From that day on, every mage, whether high or low ranking, is accountable to every other member in the guild, and to misuse magic is considered a heinous act. While many of these insubordinate mages have simply been expelled from the guild, a few disappeared from the world, and outsiders suspect that the guild itself may have had something to do with it.

The ranking system in the guild was originally established by the founders and has remained to this day. The leader of the entire guild is referred to as the Grand Master, followed by his or her name. There may only be one Grand Master at a time, and generally he or she is only replaced when they pass on to their next life. Even mages who have become severed from tapping into magic have served as Grand Master, as they know the dangers of the overuse of magic more than anyone. Directly below the Grand Master are the Head Masters, and each guild house will have at least one Head Master to oversee each chapter. There is often more than one Head Master at each location, as students can be mischievous and an extra set of eyes is always a good thing. Head Masters generally have a specialty in magic, but it is not a requirement, but to gain the title, they must have shown fierce dedication for years to the study of magic and loyalty to the guild. Acolyte is the rank below that and refers to a student who has become more advanced in the arcane arts, but is not ready to be a Head Master. They often are partnered with one of the students so they can serve as an example and aid in their teaching. The lowest rank of students is referred to as an Apprentice, and is anyone who has newly joined the guild and is still gaining a mastery of magic.

A special sect of the guild deals with those who have drained their bodies of the ability of magic and can no longer cast even the simplest of spells. The guild does not turn away these poor souls once they have been severed, and opens their arms to them as part of their family. These former mages help nurture the new mages and help to guide them away from the paths that lead to them being separated from magic, since it is unknown what acctually causes the illness. They often become writers and document many of the guild business and have often penned the most informative and compelling books about the arcane arts.

Currently leading the guild is an elderly Sidhe woman by the name of Nectrise Grentol, but many in the guild know that her time is growing short and a replacement in currently being sought among the Head Masters. Rumors of a mages competition have been circling in recent months, but no one is for certain if they are true.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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