The Mercenaries Guild

The Mercenaries Guild that makes its home all over the world is made up of the finest fighters that Valindir has ever known. These soldiers answer to no government alone, but instead to the clients who have hired them (which on more than one occasion has been a government). Whether it is for a protective escort or to help bolster their numbers in an upcoming battle, the Mercenaries Guild has always prided themselves on their abilities in the thicket of a battle. While some look upon the guild with disdain and see them only as mindless brutes, the guild itself is highly organized and does not simply accept a task because coin is flashed in front of their face. They are also not assassins, sent only to kill one or two specific people. They have been called on in times of war, as they are often more skilled than the area’s own soldiers.

Within the guild itself, the men and women often spar with one another. It is called “testing iron” and refers to the fact that a piece of iron can be sharpened by another piece of iron. They take this principle and apply it to battle and have their own people duel with one another to hone their skills. They never hurt one another critically, and to wound an opponent in such a way is considered abhorrent, and that member is expelled for not having a mastery of their craft. The only exception has ever been made for students, who often spar with their teachers and can accidentally cause harm when it was not intended. It is for this reason that the teachers are often the most skilled, seasoned fighters, and are adept at dodging a stray shot or slash.

To become a mercenary, one does not ask to be one, for the guild sees that as arrogant and fool-hearty. Instead, the guild sets up training yards for all to come and practice with, guild member or not. It is from these trainees and veterans that they will hand select the most prized of fighters. None are required to accept the offer, and are free to keep practicing in their yards, as they smile upon anyone who wishes to train and push themselves, mercenary or not. A current member may also recommend a fighter they have seen in battle, but otherwise, the guild feels that a fighter’s merits should stand for themselves.

Currently overseeing all the guild business is a Drakien man by the name of Harrek Miktush, but there is a current controversy swirling about him, as a student of the guild wound up dead in an alley in Danzibar and they blamed Harrek for the murder, as he was in town at the time. Harrek has always viciously denied it, citing that that young member had a past riddled with battle and had earned himself many enemies. Because of this, Harrek has been running the guild from the Drakien lands where most of the guild is centered and has not travelled to Balinor since, not out of fear, but out of respect for the guild still in operation there, as it would bring unwarranted condemnation on all their heads.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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