The Merchants Guild

Interested in anything that carries any sort of value, the Merchants Guild has touched every corner of the known realm in search of trade and business. Ranging from anything to common clothes and weapons, to the rarest artifacts and jewels, this guild takes pride in turning a profit. Many people within the realm find themselves in this guild, especially craftsman, as it can be difficult to begin a flourishing business without the aid of this group.

Within the guild itself are many types of varied people from all over Valindir. Some are simple craftsmen that joined the guild as they ventured into opening their own shop. Others are diplomats that are sent out on behalf of the guild to negotiate trade between cultures. It is even said that some are so eloquent that have been granted trade even in times of war and are given immunity as they pass through the lands with their wares. A different sect of this gathering is entrenched in the history of the world and often travels far and wide in search of rarities and artifacts from times past. Because of this, many historians have come to study some of antiquities they have acquired throughout the years.

While there are many chapters of this guild in nearly every corner of the world, the main guildhall is housed in Balinor in the city of Danzibar. It was the Merchants Guild who helped establish the now sprawling city along the glistening ports and docks of the sea. It has provided them easy access to the lands across the oceans, as well as being an anchor along the Crescent Road which is rumored to have been made by the guild as well, although many would call it speculation at the least, and outlandish boasting at the most.

Currently the guild is run the Master of Trades, who is also referred to as First in the Merchants Guild by some. From there it scatters into several ranks that all depend on who is currently running the guild, but most correspond to numbers (such as Second in the Merchants Guild, and so on and so forth). There can be several lower ranking officers and is no set number of them, but there can only ever be one Master of the Trades at any given time. Currently it is headed by a human man named Rehaidu Praidyn who has just recently taken over the guild and is being watched ever closely with how he will handle such a role at his young age.

The guild holds to a set of values that each and every member adheres to. Those who have dared to break these rules have found themselves expelled from the guild, stripped of their endorsement by the Master of Trades, and thusly many of their business endeavors have gone under. They do make it very public when someone has been removed from the sanctioning of the guild, and consumers have become wary of the wares that merchant might be selling.

The guidelines of the guild are outlined as follows:

No member of the guild should ever engage in any activity that could mar the reputation of the Merchants Guild. This includes shady dealings, inciting unrest, stealing, or knowingly selling faulty products.

A guild member must always keep profit in mind, even in charitable endeavors. There is always something to be gained, whether it is publicity for a product, notability for the guild or simply coin or goods.

Never violate the terms of a contract once it has been established, as a guild members word must be as good as any written document.

Be mindful of all local laws and keep within their bounds at all times, as breaking the rules may reflect badly upon the guild.

Always know the value of what you have in your possession.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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