The Miners Guild

Dwelling in the deep places of the world, the Miners Guild has established itself only in the recent history of the world but has nevertheless made a strong impact in Valindir. Before the formation of the guild, miners generally worked on their own or in small groups, and the job was incredibly hazardous. Even today, skeletons of those that were trapped in avalanches of rock or got lost in the winding trails of the mountains are being pulled from the caves about the realm. When more and more of the miners began dying off, and the need for metals, coal and jewels increased, the guild was established to both protect the miners and supply raw materials that were needed. The Miners Guild is responsible for many of the maps of the cavernous areas and mountain ranges, as well as crafting stable roads and pathways through them, a fact that many travelers and traders are appreciative. The guild also began documenting where its members were mining and how long they had been there, saving countless lives that had become trapped in a cave-in and otherwise would have starved to death.

Today the guild has chapters all along the mountain ranges and even some along the coasts, as minerals that are hidden beneath the waves have come into high demand. Their quality of product and speed of acquiring those raw materials has made them a favorite among many of the other guilds, including the Jewelers Guild, Blacksmith Guild and even the Merchants Guild. They often sell their wares not only to fund their digs, but for the invention of new tools and methods to make their tasks easier and safer for years to come.

Leading the guild currently is a Centaur woman by the name of Karitran Milanku and despite a shaky reception at first, has become one of the greatest leaders the guild has ever had. She has made the maps of the caves more easily accessible and made them safer for travel. At first this leveling of the pathways and clearing of the debris was seen as a waste of time and resources, but production has soared and casualties of guild members is at an all time low. Many attribute these changes to the surge in Centaur miners that has sprung up in recent years, as now many of the paths are wide enough to accommodate their larger frames.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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