The Rape of Lynaisis

Chaos and destruction surrounded the day that the young and fair Lynaisis was raped and committed her soul to the next life. Had the poor child known that her simple life would have had such an impact on the rest of the realm, her tale would have been more properly chronicled.

Lynaisis was a young priestess of the Element of Earth, and had lived in the temple for most of her life. She was the last survivor of a family that succumbed to famine, and only a mere two years of age when she was found. When passing travelers discovered the starved and dirty human child, she was digging through the mud, looking for worms or anything else to fill her empty stomach. Her spine poked out of her petite back, and one could count each one of the ribs that clung to her tiny form. It was from this humble beginning that Lynaisis started her journey, and yet none could have known that such a child would have grown into a woman so fair.

She was taken to a Temple of Belimedra, where she was given food, drink and shelter. As she grew, it was apparent that her heart reached out toward the sick and downtrodden, and she became increasingly skilled in the healing arts. She became a priestess at the young age of fourteen, and was often left in charge of the temple when the high priest was away. When word reached them that a new temple would be built deep in the forests of the Talmori territories, Lynaisis leapt at the opportunity to journey there and help in its construction.

After the temple was completed, Lynaisis was left to tend the building until the new high priestess would arrive from Danzibar. She would be left there for a week on her own, but she relished the time that she would have to spend in prayer and meditation, and sent the others on their way. It is said that this is when Fire took notice of the fair maiden and approached her in the temple. None know exactly what transpired there, save for the Element and Lynaisis, and none shall hear the young woman again, as she was discovered there in the temple, dead by her own hand at the young age of twenty. Laying beside her body was a simple note that read thusly:

My shame is too much bear any longer. My foolishness has caused my downfall, and I allowed Him into the temple. I did not know what He had wished of me, and yet, in my arrogance, I assumed I was safe from Him. How I cried out for Belimedra, and yet She did not hear my pleas. Why has She abandoned me? I could live with what He has done… how He has defiled the temple of my soul… but I cannot go on knowing that I have fallen from Her favor. I only pray that in my next life, I may be so fortunate to be one of Hers again.


The poor child…had she known that her lady had not forsaken her, she might have been saved. When the church discovered her body, they offered their prayers to the Element, who appeared to them in a state of shock and despair. It is said She hugged the poor maiden’s body to hers and kissed her forehead before laying her to rest in the temple itself. It is said to this day there is an altar to her, and if this was where the story would end, it would just be a sad tale for the ages. Yet it continues, into what has gone down in history as one of the most infamous battles between two Elements.

When Belimedra had laid her priestess to rest, she sought out Fire to discover what he had done to her beloved Lynaisis. It was Fire who admitted he had relations with the girl, but insisted that she was willing, and thoroughly enjoyed a romp with him. When Belimedra pressed him further on why she had not heard the girl’s screams, he simply said he had made the area a private den for them, as not to be interrupted by a jealous, former lover, referring of course to Belimedra herself. He had no idea the rage that stirred within the chest of Earth, nor the wrath that his next words would bring. “Pity about her death though, she was quite good. I would have liked to seen her again.”

With these words, Belimedra unleashed the hatred that had boiled inside of Her, and the despair She had felt at the loss of prized Lynaisis. She leapt at Fire, knocking the two headlong into a brawl that shook the world at its very core. The two clawed and struck at each other, with Belimedra delving further and further into Her anger-driven madness. It is said the world itself spilt open like a festering wound wreathed in molten lava. Finally, a victor seemed in sight, as Earth had flung Her opponent into the ravine they had made, and began pouring a fine, heavy sand onto His body. She had pinned Him to the world, and was sealing Him away for all of time.

She might have succeeded, had the other members of the Pantheon not intervened. It was Stone, Wood and Water that were able to stop Belimedra’s onslaught, and Metal and Air who were able to save Fire from His coffin. To this day, the two Elements harbor a bitter hatred for one another, but have remained civil at the behest of the rest of the Elements, if only for the sake of their grandchildren.


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