The Summer Queen

The Summer Queen is a fey creature which leads the Seelie Court, those fey which the Peoples have deemed to be mostly benevolent or uninterested in others. Appearing as a statuesque humanoid woman with translucent wings and dappled green and yellow skin, the Summer Queen frequents those areas of the world that are wild and mostly uninhabited, with certain groves being sacred to her. Some rural peoples worship her as an Old God, others feel she is likely a more recent child of the Elements. Known to be the consort of the Winter King, she walks in his company in the spring and autumn months, and in the summer, when he rests, she guards the ice crystal in which he slumbers. Myths claim that anyone who slips past her and manages to drink some of the water that runs off of the ice will be granted eternal life. It is claimed that this must be accomplished during the time she is away and leading the Joyous Flight, which occurs when she rises into the sky and calls all the souls who wander Valindir, lost and forgotten, to follow her on her course to the Other World and into the embrace of the Elements. There it is said that they can be reborn, or petition to act as guardian spirits and swear fealty to the Summer Queen.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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