The Tailors Guild

Known to create some of the most intricate gowns and lavish outfits is Valindir’s Tailors Guild which can be found throughout the realm. This guild has been known to craft the robes of royalty along with simple pants fit for manual labor. Priding itself in making not only gorgeous clothing, but functional as well, many of their wares are prized above any other as they have some of the finest designers and craftsman in their ranks. Not only does the guild pride itself on the look of its creations, but what it is made from, so the Weavers Guild is often the supplier of the bulk of their raw textiles. The two guilds have actually been linked through the legend of the Froitan Brothers that stretches back as far as anyone can remember.

The story goes that long ago there were two brothers, Brental and Bartol, who made some of the finest clothes in the area. Bartol would painstakingly form the fabrics of silk, cotton and even furs and then Brental would create a stunning outfit from the raw materials. The two began to squabble when most would recognize Brental’s work as “art you could wear” but no praises were ever lavished on Bartol for his use of new dyes and luxurious fabrics. They made a wager that they could garner more followers and pupils than the other, but neither were prepared for all the people that flocked to learn from these two master craftsmen. This was the birthplace of both the guilds, and the brothers soon ceased their arguments and worked together, forever linking the two communities together. While they may have an unwritten treaty, there are flare ups of old fights about which craft is more vital to the world.

Currently leading the guild is an Elven woman by the name of Adailyia Sophentia who resides in Anaithsol and designs the outfits for the royal family. It was because of her craft and eye for detail that she earned both the honor as the guild leader and as one of the prized designers of the royal family. She currently trains only two pupils at a time who all have later gone on to craft for many of the other Elven noble houses or prominent families all over the realm.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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