The Thieves Guild

Whether or not the Thieves Guild actually exists in Valindir or if it’s a tale conjured up to frighten travelers is still a mystery. There are some in the realm that swears that this organization does exist and deathbed confessions have spurred the rumors on. There is no denying that there is thievery all throughout the world and that some are quite cunning pick pockets that are never caught, but the idea of an organized guild disturbs most, and many people refuse to believe that it is real. Whether it is a simple wives tale or a fact, there is no doubt that the thieves have been growing bolder and bolder as of late, and more and more of them are managing to escape capture. If there is a guild out there, there are handsome rewards from most governments on any information on its whereabouts, but none have come forward as of yet.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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