The Weavers Guild

Tracing their history far back as one of the earliest guilds that any can recollect, the Weaver’s Guild has established itself in Valindir. Specializing in all cloth, including the tanning of animal hides and luxurious furs, this guild takes pride in any material they create. Whether it simple cotton that is soft to the touch or the finest silk from Enaryn, the guild dyes all their materials for their clients and sells it either directly to them, or with their sister guild; the Tailors Guild.

Stories of how these two guilds came into being date back into the ancient history of Valindir with the legend of the Froitan Brothers. They were a set of identical twins that often got into squabbles on who was the better crafter. Bartol specialized in forming the materials while Brental made the most exquisite clothes the realm had ever seen. The people praised Brental for what they called “art they could wear” but no one ever praised Bartol for the vivid colors he was able to bring out in dyes or how the cloth was durable and comfortable. The two brothers argued over this and decided they would each create their own gathering, and see who garnered more followers to their craft. To their astonishment, droves of people flocked to learn from the masters and the two guilds were formed. Over time the Froitan Brothers settled their fighting and the two guilds became closely knit together, although bickering among which service is more vital still surfaces from time to time.

The guild house offers all types of training and deals in all sorts of materials, including buying raw pelts, cottons and silkworms, and turning them into useable cloth. The different buildings all over the realm generally have a specialty depending on where they are located and they often send their wares to the other guilds so that all may have access to their creations.

Recently some of the members have begun using their techniques on new types of weaving, such as making baskets, but most of the guild still focuses more on textiles. Regardless, they have been known to create intricate creations of their own and sell them for quite a hefty coin. Members have found these baskets incredibly useful for transportation as they are much lighter than wooden boxes and can be made easily in all sorts of shapes.

Currently overseeing the guild is a Lithorian man named Anota Hadainyn who has streamlined the process and made the guild run smoother, making trade easier and has increased production. He makes his rounds to all the guildhalls and is constantly travelling, making it difficult to speak with him, but somehow he manages to maintain contact through his messengers.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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