The Winter King

Master of the darker members of the fey, the Winter King is rumored by some to be an Old God, and by others to be a new child of the Elements. He himself offers no opinion on the matter, and indeed seldom speaks to any outside his court. Stories abound of him appearing during troubling times, such as when crops fail or children are stillborn, abound throughout the lands, especially in those parts existing on the fringes of society. Some blame him for these occurrences, others appeal to him to call off the fury of his minions. Tall, slender, and colored a dappled white and grey, the Winter King is said to be the consort and lover of the Summer Queen, mistress of the “good” fey that roam the lands. During the winter the King reigns alone, and is said to frequently visit a tree that produces fruit even in the bitterest cold. Inside this tree, supposedly, sleeps the Summer Queen, and if one eats of the fruit that her husband guards stories say it will grant eternal youth. While these are likely just fanciful stories, the Winter King is known to lead the Wild Hunt, a ghoulish chase across the winter sky composed of demons and fey, ghosts and imps, the quarry of which are the spirits of those who have not passed back into the embrace of the Elements when they died, but chose instead to linger.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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