0 The Elements Awaken
57 The Birth of the World
122 The First Immortals are Born
489 The Elements Depart
736 The First Mortal is Created
772 The Daphinae are Created and Colonize Hellios
801 The Danava are Created
906 Regvier Creates the Dragons
978 The Kren are Created
1155 The Dwarves are Created
1259 The Lithorians are Created
1361 The Talmori are Created
1487 The Minotaur are Created
1504 The Mithyrn are Created and Hidden Away Underground
1748 The Senai are Created
1799 The Centaurs are Created
1843 The Alubra are Created
2017 The Elves are Created
2021 The Construction of Enaryn Begins
2029 The Orcs are Created
2031 The Gryphon are Created
2033 The Construction of Caulween Begins
2036 The Elven-Orc Wars Take Place
2071 The Construction of Agra Begins
2097 The Construction of Mikklagaard Begins
2367 The Construction of Dremark Begins
2578 The Construction of Sinola Begins
2680 Topi Creates the Pixies
2684 The Sidhe are Created as Guardians to the Pixies
2715 The Construction of Domisha Begins
2782 The Human Race is Born, the Last of the Known Races Created by the Gods
2854 Small Settlements arise that will become Kintaba and Galtenka
2945 The Sylvan Race is Destroyed
3164 Al’Drenra Begins
3187 The Mithyrn build Talei
3610 The Sacrifice at Isavra Takes Place
3610 The Elements Are Recalled to Valindir
3610 The Gods are Placed in an Eternal Slumber
3611 The End of Al’Drenra
3704 The Daphinae Separate Genders and Build Puan and Fwi
3735 The Merchants Take Power in Balinor and Build Danzibar
3739 The Path of the Enlightened is Formed
3747 The Dragons Attempt to Rule Valindir
3751 The Assembly is Formed at Isavra
3759 The Clouds are Enchanted by the Elements to Build Lomaisa
3775 The Construction on Drothmara Begins
3778 The Enlightened Curse the Dragons and Create Drakiens
4227 Queen Gogilma and Princess Tailigren die and the Dwarves split into clans
4452 The War of the Crowns Begins
4597 The Melrog are Created by Humans and Dwarves
4729 The War of the Crowns Ends
4680 Civil War Breaks out Among the Kren
4886 The Mithyrn are Discovered by the Dwarves
5021 The Start of the Human-Centaur War
5029 Current Day


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