Tomaye, Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge

As one of the middle children of Magic, Tomaye was inherently curious from the moment that she took her first breath. When the Elements still roamed the world, Tomaye found herself in their company, learning anything and everything she could from each of them, no matter what her personal opinions and beliefs. After she had soaked up anything that they might be able to teach her, she began to tarry among the other immortals, observing them from a distance and speaking to them in person. Some found her presence flattering and would converse with her for hours, while others found her little more than a pest and shooed her away just as quickly. The mortals then became the object of her obsession, and she would often appear to them and talk for hours upon hours. There are even tales that she lived the lives of various different people, including a stint as a king, a courtesan, a child, a thief and even a soldier. As Al’Drenra broke out, Tomaye found herself even more fascinated by how resourceful the mortals were and what new ideas they stumbled upon each day. She spent her time observing and even participating in the carnage, and was known to take the dead and dismember them to find out exactly how their bodies had functioned.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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