Topi, Goddess of Children

One of the middle children of the immortal pantheon, Topi was often seen as an innocent, even after Al’Drenra. She was one of the daughters of Belimedra and the patron Goddess of Children. No matter what the race, she adored the way that a child viewed the world when they were first created. When they other gods and goddesses stopped making their creations so young for practical reasons, she created the pixies: a race that would never appear to age and possessed a certain innocence she saw in the youngsters. Topi often interacted with her creations along with the baby animals that roamed the realm, and when Al’Drenra broke out, she was appalled by what the other immortals were doing to the world. Her heart broke as she saw people scrambling to escape the death and destruction, only to be cut down before finding a safe haven. With the aid of Piqou and Swienya, she managed to hide clusters of mortals that had not been tainted by the wars along the edges of the world. They poured all their strength and powers to keep these small groups out of violence and Topi was relieved when her mother and the other Elements returned to stop the needless fighting. As a reward for not only staying out of the battles, but for shielding the innocent people from harm, these three immortals were sparred, simply stripped of their powers and reincarnated as the mortals they had striven to save.

Because she still walks among the people, whether at times she remembers who she is or not, Topi has garnered a following, and a church has been erected in her honor. When her soul has been found, the members of this church shower her with gifts and invite her to stay at the temple and share her wisdom with this generation. When her current incarnation passes away, the church goes into years of mourning until the current incarnation of Topi can be found.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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