Known to haunt the dark, abandoned places left behind by deserted cities, trolls infest an area much in the same way rats or cockroaches might, simply on a larger and more deadly level. Some scholars speculate that trolls may even speed up the decline of a city or village by weakening walls, polluting water supplies, and blighting crops. Once trolls have built their nests in an area (made usually from rotting vegetation and a mixture of mud and feces) it is all but impossible to drive them out, as these creatures are quite capable of withstanding most toxins and blows. It should not be assumed trolls are merely pests that can be handled by a common man with some traps or hounds. At seven feet in height and with claws and teeth quite capable of working through stone, trolls can be demons in a fight, especially when they feel their nest is threatened or that they are cornered. They have few weaknesses, but fire has always proved particularly effective against them. Unfortunately, fire also tends to damage whatever structure a troll colony is attempting to claim, so this method is usually only employed if all hope of reclaiming a building or village has been abandoned.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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