Resembling a horse with a bit of a beard, longer fur and a lion-like tail, the unicorn has been a favorite of hunters for years. All parts of a unicorn are valuable on the market, from its famous alicorn (a prize among wand makers and widely praised for its ability to cure poisons) down to its cloven hooves, the powdered form of which is a main component in many spells. Because it was feared by the Peoples that over hunting could lead to a dwindling in its numbers, the hunting of unicorns requires a permit in many places, and strict limits are imposed as to how many a hunter may kill. Even then only bucks are permitted to be taken. Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of unicorn milk and wool (leading some scholars to speculate they are related to the llama, which was domesticated for the same reasons), and because of this many people who have access to woodlands (the favorite territory of unicorns, and without the shelter of which they may sicken and die inexplicably) have begun to tame, breed, and raise them. A few have even been marketed as pets with great success, as the dappled golden hide of the juveniles is very popular, as is the pristine white coat of the adult. They are a favorite mount of the Elven People when woodland expeditions (where the Gryphons would have trouble due to their broad wingspan) are in order, and often serve as primary mounts for young Elves that have not yet Bonded a Gryphon.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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