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Valindir runs on its own calendar that is very different from a real life one. While a day is still 24 hours, more time passes in Valindir than outside in the real world. We have a breakdown of our own unique time structure so that you can always follow along with what day it is. In fact, we’ve designed the calendar so the same days always fall at the same real life time and date every year. This way if you want to plan your character’s birthday, or another special even in character, you won’t have to guess what time that will be.

Let’s talk about the In-Character Calendar first.

One Valindir year consists of nine months. They are as follows:

Spring Months:


Summer Months:


Fall Months:


Winter Months:


Holy Month:


The first eight months of the year all consist of four week periods with nine days in each week. The days of the week are: Tur, Ral, Yix, Bekt, Shyn, Mav, Gwin, Jun, and Pel. Each month will have thirty-six days in it.

The last month of the year, the Holy Month, is a time for religious celebration and meditation. This consists only of one week with four days in that week. The days of the week are: Xou, Bai, Cua, and Vei.

This means one Valindir year has 292 days in it.

Examples of this calendar are:

Calendar Example


Now let’s talk about how this translates into Real Life time.


1 Real Life Day is equal to 4 Valindir Days.

9 Real Life Days is equal to 1 Valindir Month.

1 Real Life Year is equal to 5 Valindir Years.


Now, this can be hard to keep track of, so we’ve created these handy guides and a full year calendar so the players can always know what time it is and will be.


If you need help with what time of real life day is night or day time check out this guide.

If you need help with what month and season it is in the real life year check out this guide.

If you need help with the real life dates of each Valindir year check out this guide.

If you would like to see a full real life calendar with what days fall when check out this page.


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