The Legend of Captain Vasklevox

Legends circulate about the world about this ghostly pirate that is said to still roam the choppy seas miles off the docks of Danzibar. Vasklevox was once a living breathing Human man that had made his home within the walls of the gleaming city. When the town was still young helped to found the temple to his most beloved Element, Evoru. He had been a loyal servant in her army for years and a most devout follower when she came to him with a task.

There were rumors of a traitor of Metal’s church taking safe haven across the sea in the southern Elven lands and this blasphemer was preaching that he was beyond the reach of even Evoru’s hand. When Vasklevox heard such heresy against his most honored General and Lady he set to his ship and set sail across the choppy waters that very hour.

When his feet touched the land a few days later, the blood still raced through his veins with the same anger as when he had first heard of the treacherous liar. He sought after this man for days until he discovered him hiding in a lavish keep, surrounded by slave maidens and piles of treasure stolen from the Element herself. The rage seeped through his body to behold such a sight against Evoru and drew his blade, not stopping his slashes until the room was covered in blood. He did not care what he was cutting, so long as the pig upon his throne was hacked to bits, and so he did succeed in that.

Still covered in the blood of his slain (and some of his own), he ordered the women to help him take the treasure back to the ship in exchange for their freedom. They most happily agreed, some even offering more of their bodies than just oxen, but Vasklevox refused, as he only desired the form of one woman, his Master Evoru. At that moment he was only concerned with returning the treasure to Evoru, and not into the hands of the church that had lost it in the first place. He would bring it to the temple that he built with his own two hands, where he knew it would be safe.

As he left the port, the seas began to churn and his crew suggested he offer up some of the treasure to Lamulae. He exclaimed that he would not be intimidated into offering up what was rightfully Metals to a jealous water wench, and if she wanted it, she would have to pry it from his dead fingers. Unfortunately for Vasklevox, Water was more than happy to oblige his request. A day into the journey, the waves washed over the bow and crashed into the hull harder than any cannonball. As the crew dove into the sea begging for the help of Lady Lamulae, Vasklevox remained planted at the helm, crying out that he would never let one coin slip from Evoru’s fingers into the grasp of fish maiden. Lamulae had heard enough, and drug the man’s ship down to the depths, drowning him in the process.

While is body has long faded away, the soul of Vasklevox still roams the ocean, vowing to never leave until each piece of coin and every gem is housed within the temple of his most beloved. Tales are still told by sailors that they hear his cackling cry, tempting Water to take what is rightfully Evoru’s. While no one has ever found the sunken ship and its treasure, it is still rumored that it is sitting at the depths of the ocean, with Vasklevox still at its helm.

*This story is dedicated to the remembrance of a dear friend and player, Sam, who was tragically taken away from us. May he rest in peace and his memory be honored by immortalizing of his character, Vasklevox.*


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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