Voulen, God of Jealousy

Originally born as the God of Admiration, Voulen quickly abandoned that throne when the Elements departed. He had been a younger son of Air, and he was taught to appreciate everything in the world around him. As he was lead around the world, he beheld all the splendor and awe it contained, and at first he was overwhelmed with joy. However, things rapidly changed when he was left on his own, and watched as the other gods and goddesses made their creations. As he looked upon them, he wished that they were his, but he had lacked the talents to create his own. Tried as he might, they would quickly die as soon as they were birthed into the world, and Voulen grew colder with each passing failure. Frustrated and bitter, the God of Jealousy retracted from the world until the fateful day that Al’Drenra began to sweep the land. As the races destroyed one another, Voulen saw his revenge at hand, and poisoned the immortals against each other with slanderous lies. It was Voulen that is blamed for letting the war get so out of hand, as he often instigated conflicts with races that had never even seen one another.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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