A wild, tropical paradise awaits those who set foot on the Kren territory of Vysok along the inner eastern side of the Valindir coastline. This small, otherwise deserted island has only been colonized along its northern shores with its capital of Dremark, but otherwise the tangle of palm trees and thick underbrush overtakes the land. Succulent fruits and wild game have drawn the curious to sample the various foods they have offer, but several have been met with resistance to their presence. It is not the Kren who oppose this intrusion on their land, but some of the vicious beasts that are said to roam there.  There are even rumors of a creature that lives both in the water and on the land that can easily drag its victims to their death in one of the murky lagoons in the interior of the island. These rumors, along with its secluded location of the isle, have discouraged tourists from visiting. Even the bravest warriors have stayed away from the dense thicket that cloaks the unknown terrors that lurk beneath the emerald foliage.

Major Cities:


Posted October 25, 2011 by belimedra

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