Wasalon, Goddess of Fertility, Creator of the Danava

Oceans and lakes, rain and snow…all of these answered to Wasalon, a daughter of Water, when she walked Valindir. It was because of her great love of the world that rain first poured from the sky to allow plants and animals to flourish across the land, instead of only near rivers and other bodies of water. She desired the lands to bear fruit so that the people could flourish and multiply, as she was the Goddess of Fertility. She was said to be fairly promiscuous herself and took a large number of lovers from the various mortal races, and encouraged the mixing of other peoples. At heart, however, she was a pacifist, and so when Al’Drenra broke out, she spent much of it sheltering her children beneath the waves. When a colony of Danava was slaughtered for refusing to let warships pass through their home, however, she threw herself into the fray in a terrible frenzy. Echoes of her wrath are still seen today in the form of horrific storms that rage across the edges of the known seas.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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