Lamulae – The Element of Water

Totem: Dolphin
Number: 10
Colors: Blue and White

Those that follow Lamulae are vastly varied; some are as still and calm as the waters of a gleaming lake, and others are as ever-changing as a tumbling, rushing river. One thing that binds all of her following together is the art that they spread across the world. Whether it is an intricate painting, a glistening sword or a soothing ballad, anyone who has been inspired to create is said to have a touch of water within their soul. To stifle ones creativity is the greatest crime in Water’s eyes and she believes all should have the freedom to express themselves in the way that they see fit. Many outside the religion can see some of the members as strange or even chaotic, as they are encouraged to speak their minds and trust their instincts, acting upon what they are inspired to do. This has also gotten many of them jailed, including a most infamous incident where a woman strolled naked along the streets of Anaithsol, covered only in swirls of paint, exclaiming that her body would be the canvas on which she would create. It hasn’t bothered most of them, as most are just petty crimes and see it only as the price for bringing something new into the world.

It is not just to create that is important to Lamulae, but to share it with those around and spread the inspiration that one has been blessed with. To make something and then hide it away from the world is one of the worst things a person can do, at least in Water’s opinion. Because of this, many temples have become galleries for art, whether that is sculptures, novels, dresses, or anything else that might encourage others to tap into their own inner abilities that they only need to realize to awaken their talents. They also often auction off pieces so that everyone in Valindir can own a piece of artwork, and therefore each home has a bit of Water’s presence it in.

Those that posses an excess of water tend to be talkative, social people that can come off as odd to the people around them, as they tend never to think before they speak, and simply say what they feel. They tend to come off as rude as well, although most of the time they don’t mean to (but sometimes they do). Those that lack in Water tend to be overly cautious of anything they say and generally just keep to themselves, content with the way that things are. They tend to be somewhat stoic and can even seem devoid of any emotion or motivation, and thusly are perceived as lazy. Most that Lamulae have blessed are successful, at least in their eyes, as they rarely go without what they would need to create. Because of this, several desiring wealth have worshipped Lamulae in hopes they would be gifted with something to make them coin. Water has always seen through their flimsy deception and purposely hides her inspiration from their minds.


The Element of Water sees herself as a healing force throughout the realm of Valindir and often finds herself mingling among the mortals. She feels that without art, the world is doomed to be nothing but war and destruction and so she takes on the responsibility to prevent that from happening. While most have mistaken this for her being weak and harmless, nothing could be farther from the truth. She can be fickle and turn from being gentle and compassionate to being enraged and violent in a matter of seconds, much like the seas can churn up at a moment’s notice. She does dislike being so angry, and often tries to sooth herself before making any hasty decisions, but she has sunk ships in her fits and even rumors of entire islands sinking to her wrath have been reported.

Lamulae loves to participate the in games that are in all corners of the lands and often disguises herself as a child, as she sees them as free and inspired without any hindrances to their creativity. She never takes part professionally in any sport, but will often attend playful competitions and loves watching people use their various talents to achieve victory. She cannot tolerate cheating, however, and sees cutting corners as trying to circumvent the natural process that things should go in. On the reverse side of that, she often enjoys challenging those in her following to create things from objects and items that are considered unusable in anything, which has lead to discoveries of new building materials and even foods that have become rare delicacies served only to the elite.

Aurix – Lamulae is intrigued by Wood and finds his ability to survive in the most intense circumstances a form of creativity and has even been known to challenge him with lasting in the depths of the oceans. She tends to bother him at times, sparking a few small arguments between the two, but nothing that hasn’t smoothed over in a few days.

Belimedra – Earth and Water are close friends, often mingling among the mortals together and spending much of their time with one another. They are generally in agreement with most things and their churches often work together more so than any of the others in the realm.

Brodgeir – Lamulae finds Brodgeir too stubborn and stoic to ever stay in his company. She finds him stifling as he often tries to lecture her on the responsibilities of an Element, as if she was his child. Despite this, the two are good friends, and she will often look to Stone for logical advice when she needs it.

Ri’ – Air and Water are two that love spending time with one another, as both tend to be free flowing and playful. They have known to be destructive in their debates, however, or even in their games, and some storms that rage in the middle of the oceans are attributed to both of these Elements.

Evoru – Metal is very off-putting to Water, as she tends to focus only on battle and wealth and has destroyed unique pieces of art in her wake. Lamulae has often shouted at Evoru, but nothing much is accomplished from it, as both just become heated only to walk away from one another, both assuming the other was wrong and stubborn.

Udele – Lamulae holds a deep respect for Spirit as a guiding force throughout the realms, but doesn’t often stay in his company. She feels that Udele is often serious, as he should be, but that Water simply cannot stay focused that long and does not wish to be disrespectful.

Jeax – Lamulae adores the parlor tricks that Jeax often entertains her with and tries to stay in his company when she is sad or upset. She says that no matter her mood, Magic can always bring a smile to her face, and Jeax is always eager to show off what he can do.

Rhesk – Water respects Rhesk for his passion in the things that he does, but finds him a bit too destructive for her tastes, at least as a friend. It is said that when Fire becomes too out of control, it is Lamulae who is able to calm his nerves, attributed mostly to the fact of her breathtaking beauty.


There are probably more tales circulating about Water than there are about any of the other Elements, probably due to the fact she spends much of her time around mortals, disguised as one of them from time to time. It is even said that she has living children that roam the realm, although she would never identify who they were, as she has been known to take lovers every so often. Some claim to house pieces of art that were crafted by the Element herself, and Lamulae does not deny making her own pieces, but the sheer number that seem to floating around lends credit that some of them are forgeries and copies.

Infamous tales of Waters wrath are also circulated about the realm, such as her killing of one of Evoru’s followers, Vasklevox. While Metal never denied the fact that she had prodded him into insulting the Element, the two still squabble over his death and it is a sore point between the two. She has also been known to stir up storms and rain down upon towns not because of her anger, but to cleanse the old so that there is the possibility for new and more creative advancements to be made. Because of this, she is sometimes portrayed as cold and uncaring, but she has often calmly pointed out that if that were so, she would not have helped to give the mortals souls, and that no death she inflicts has ever tampered with the essence of a person, merely given them another path to follow in the next life.


The Cerulean Tide – Those that are in this sect of the religion are plentiful, as this is the group that is dedicated to art around the world. Many come to worship in the intricate, towering structures, if only to be blessed by Lamulae in their work and pray for her inspiration. The following adores this, claiming that anyone from any walk of life can be inspired to do great things, and it only takes a willingness of heart to do so. They keep their doors open at all hours, whether it is early morning or late at night, so that no one might be turned away from one of their lavish temples. It is said that the building itself can be a source of inspiration from Water, as pieces of artwork line the walls and even the pillars themselves are statues that were shaped by members of the following.

Many people in the world have visited one of Lamulae’s temples at least once in their life, as they are such an open church and encourages anyone within their walls. A common practice of the church is a blessing for all who ask so that they may be inspired to do great things and droves of people flock to these temples to have their babies blessed, as well as partaking in it as well. A mixture of water from all over the realm including salt waters from the depths of the seas and snow from the tops of peaks are blended together in a silver basin. It is said that this allows someone to learn things from all corners of the world. After a prayer has been said over the churning liquid, the recipient is given a small sip and a bit is dabbed upon their head, hands and feet. It is said that Lamulae then pulses through them, guiding their path as they wander through the realm.

The Ebon Tide – Those that fill the ranks of this church are often avoided if they are known, and the following is not spoken of in polite company. They are known to some as a cleansing force that purges that which does not belong, but to others they are heartless murders that wash across the lands. Little is known of the actual gathering and even less is known of who the members of this secluded faith are, as they blend in with the rest of society, only acting when they are called upon. They have often swept along rivers and other bodies of water, slaughtering those who would taint the waters of the world. While some see this practice as brutal and even barbaric, some see it as needed, as without the pure waters that this church keeps protected, there would be no clean water to drink and civilizations would soon crumble.

A large section of church’s following was hunted not long ago, and twenty members were captured and executed for nearly wiping out a guard patrol deep within the Orc and Centaur lands. The members of the church were defending a colony that was known to house thieves and murders, claiming that the governing body had no right to remove them as they were doing no harm there. The members of the faith viciously defended their right to express themselves as they fit, but the Centaurs and Orcs did not agree with what they saw as a warping of faith, and executed those that did not escape. Exactly what the church defends is unknown, as is why they do it, and some see them as dangerous and unstable, so they are not often spoken of in fear of being accused of belonging to the church.

The Alabaster Tide – Those that find themselves within this faith are often craftsmen of various sorts as well as high standing merchants. This faith has dedicated itself to the everyday applications of Lamulae’s inspiration and houses some of the greatest tailors, blacksmiths, and weavers the world has ever seen. While the Cerulean Tide primarily focuses on art such as songs and paintings, the Alabaster Tide tends more toward practical items that can be found in most homes. They believe firmly that Water does not simply want to inspire people to create, but to perfect what is already here and make things more efficient and sensible. This is not to say that what they make is plain, in fact, far from it. Some of the most intricate gowns of royalty have been designed and sewn by members of this church and they are sought not only for the beauty that they capture, but how useful the items have been.

The most gleaming example was an enormous ball gown designed for an Elven maiden for her gala event of becoming an adult and choosing her name. Her parents were most firmly against such a gathering, as threats had been whispered that she would be kidnapped for ransom on that very night. Not one to shy away from idle chatter, the young woman went to the church for help in creating a gorgeous gown that could conceal weapons and allow her to move freely. After much thought and prayer, the members designed a glorious dress and on the night of her party, a band of mercenaries burst in, grabbing the frail girl by the waist. What they had not counted on was the barbs sewn into her girdle, that when pressure was placed on them, poked through the satin fabric and into the arms of her captor. In the process, it also tore the bulky bottom of the dress away, revealing a set of leather pants complete with blades that she soon drew and fended off the other two men until her bodyguards could disable them. From that point on, nearly all wealthy families employed members of this church to design their clothes, weapons, armor and even jewelry.


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