An extremely toxic herb decked out in frilled purple flowers, wolfbane is known to be a potent ingredient to many insidious poisons. This might have been enough to have the plant burned out of the civilized lands, except for its curious ability to ward off shapeshifters and disrupt shifting spells. For reasons which aren’t clearly understood yet, wolfbane has a tendency to be especially lethal to shifters, tending to kill them quickly and revert their bodies to their original forms. Many stories tell of ranchers, convinced that their milk cows had been infiltrated by a shifter stealing their milk, secretly feeding all of the herb wolfbane. These stories never end happily…the culprit (if there is one) might be caught, but the cows always die, as well.

Wolfbane is said to have acquired its name from Ocothair, a hunter favored by Aurix. When hunting down a pack of wolves infected with a rare illness that was causing them to go mad, he noticed that their illness kept them running long past the point an arrow wound should have killed them. To end their pain, Ocothair prayed for a strong, readily available poison, and when he rose from his prayers a dense patch of wolfbane had sprouted around him. He tipped his arrows in the poison from these herbs, and was able to bring down the sick pack before the illness could spread to others.


Posted May 7, 2017 by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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