It is hotly debated by scholars as to whether or not the wyvern should be counted as one more type of dragon (a whole other argument is whether the dragons are, in fact, a People). Certainly dragons and wyvern appear similar—they both share a large, reptilian form, and both are capable of flight. The wyvern, however, has never shown an inclination to speak, at least to one of the Peoples, and when the dragons left our lands the wyvern did not follow. Wyvern are also known to possess tails which are tipped with barbed stingers, rather like a scorpion’s sting at the tip of a reptilian tail, and the venom contained within it is so potent that it has often been used to poison whole wells and streams. Their size is also quite diminutive by dragon standards, though as they are slightly larger than a grizzly bear they still can be quite formidable to the “lesser” mortals. For these reasons, the Eiltia Empire has designated wyvern as “beasts”, and most of the Peoples have agreed.

Beasts or not, wyvern seem to understand the value of treasure, amassing large hoards of it and jealously guarding it by means of their savage bite and venomous stinger on the ends of their tails. A strange practice peculiar to the wyverns makes it quite easy to differentiate between a wyvern hoard and one of the abandoned dragon hoards which sometimes are found. Being naturally drab themselves, wyvern are fascinated by colors, particularly blue and purple, and will go to great lengths to decorate their nests (which they share with their mate and fledglings) in whatever they can find in those colors. Advocates of the beast theory concerning wyverns point this habit out as the possible reason for the wyvern hoards, speculating that the creatures may be drawn by the bright colors of jewels, and this may be so. Certainly wyverns seem to place a greater value on sapphires and amethyst than they do on diamonds, even though the latter is widely considered by the Peoples to be of more worth. Whatever the reason for their hoards, wyvern are fierce protectors of them and have been known to relentlessly pursue and slaughter anyone who steals from them, whether the theft be of a priceless gem or a simple flower.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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