Soaring trees that blot out the skies flourish in this country that is the home of both the Elves and Gryphon. Literally meaning “Beautiful Home” in Elvish, Yarola’Sia is the largest country in all of Valindir and is primarily covered in woodlands. Along its northern border is the Imladres Forest where redwoods reach their branches towards the heavens. This is the home to most of the wildlife in country and where the Elves procure their wood for building purposes The Dreymenia Forest to the south is much different, as an ethereal fog rolls over most of the land throughout the year. It tumbles down the Khabren Mountains along eastern border and many Elves believe that the spirits of those long past live within the trees. This belief has led them to preserve these woods from harvest of any kind and often bury their dead within the graveyards throughout the glades. The royal burial grounds are even found within this area in demure marble mausoleums that are scattered throughout the woods. The Elves still consider it reprehensible that the Drakien legally own part of the forest, which has only added to the hostility between the two peoples.

Yarola’Sia also has an intricate river system that flows throughout the lands. The largest tributary is the Alynia River, named for one of Yarowe’s favorite Elves, and winds through the capital of Enaryn. The other rivers also bear the names of some the Goddess of Beauty’s chosen ones as well as a few famous Gryphon who fought valiantly during the war with the Orcs. It is the rivers that are sacred to the Gryphon, and the ashes of their deceased are often sprinkled throughout their waters so that may have a peaceful, fluid transition to their next life.

Major Cities:


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