Yarowe, Goddess of Beauty, Creator of the Elves

One of the eldest of the Immortals and a daughter of Air, Yarowe was a beautiful creature which she never let others forget. It was she who first managed to create her own offspring, the Sylvan, and showed her siblings what she had born into the world. After the Sylvan had become what she referred to as “tainted,” she bore from her first creations her favored children, the Elves. She was an accomplished artist, teaching her children the ways of music and painting; inspiring them to create some of the most whimsical and pleasing architecture Valindir has ever seen. It was in her honor that the temple of Ithindril was erected; a wonder from the Ancient Days that continues to stands now, although none still worship her there. Her favored weapon was the bow, and many early depictions of her show her hunting, a brace of hounds at her side. She was often said to be a cold goddess, the exception being to those of her children she held up as her favorites. Years later, their descendants still hold control over the Elven people, something which is known but not discussed in polite company.

It was Yarowe and her brother, Aldfaen, that started Al’Drenra when Aldfaen showed her his creation, the Humans, and she scoffed at their inferiority and demanded he keep them away from the Elves. When Aldfaen challenged her, she declared that his race was not fit to survive and order them all eliminated, citing that her race was vastly superior to all others. It was this that sparked the competitions between the pantheon, as each felt they had created the perfect race.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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