Making its home in the snowy peaks of isolated mountain ranges, yetis are a large breed of gorilla which are known for their blue skin, white fur, and short tempers. Ancient Dwarves once trained them to be guardians of mountain shrines, but now they exist in the wild in small family units led by an elder female. Their diet consists mostly of mountain sheep, berries and fish, though the Dwarves insist they will devour unwary travelers if given the chance. Expeditions that have come across unlucky remains of people in the mountains have noted the presence of yeti footprints and bits of hair, lending some support to the Dwarves’ claims, yet this could just as easily be due to scavenging. Most yeti prefer to avoid civilization, though when one does wander a bit close to people it is usually an older specimen or a hungry juvenile, looking to pick up scraps left by passerby. Much like bears, however, if a yeti grows to feel too comfortable near civilization, either because of unguarded food or handouts, it can become quite menacing as it attempts to make aggressive displays in order to obtain more food. Their strength is formidable, and it is not unheard of for them to demolish wagons in an attempt to get at a few morsels of food inside.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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