Zevtien, God of Torment and Suffering

Zevtien, one of the sons of Metal, started out his life being doted upon. When his brother Ohesta tarried off into the world with his new mate, Evoru crafted Zevtien to be her new, stronger offspring. At first, everything was fine, as she doted upon her new son and taught him all manners of combat and skills. Zevtien learned, but was neither powerful of body or mind, at least not in the way Metal wanted, so she formed his sister, Faelcor. From that day on, much of her attention was lavished on her new daughter, and Zevtien grew bitter and cold. As he watched Faelcor, his rage grew and he finally openly attacked her, but he was easily defeated by his younger sibling, an act that Evoru found delightful. Zevtien was crushed, and when the Elements left the world to them, The God of Torment and Suffering turned his wrath upon the mortals. They were frail enough that each would fall to him, and he crafted hideous diseases that spread throughout the world. He found great pleasure in the lengthy deaths and horrendous pain that these illnesses caused and was sure to infect his sister’s creations first. When Al’Drenra struck, it spread his curse all across the lands and infested the battlefields.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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